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  Funny, silly, entertaining. Not good,
not bad, somewhere in-between. How did
they get all these A-list actors??  

The Angry Birds Movie
  This was a strange movie. It was good,
entertaining, and fun to watch. But the
end is a little unresolved. The concept
is familiar if you've seen John
Wick. We get a little more involved
with the characters and then get
abruptly cut out. Oh well  

Hotel Artemis
  I like Man Vs. Wild but this is nothing
like what I expected. It's more of a
Man Vs. Predator movie with a twist at
the end. Not too entertaining. If you
haven't seen Predator, it'll be
a new experience. Otherwise, meh.   

Man Vs
  The first half of the move was pretty
creepy and entertaining. The second half
does not have the same momentum. The
twist at the end was unwarranted. Itís
worth the watch.   

The Wretched
  Surprisingly fun to watch. Good movie to
watch on a lazy afternoon.   

Sonic The Hedgehog
  Wow, this movie is wrong in so many
ways. It does get interesting at times.
The VFX and some of the creatures are
pretty cool. Little surprised Matt Damon
agreed to be the face of this movie. I
guess stranger things have happened.   

The Great Wall
  I actually enjoyed it very much and it
was, much better than I anticipated.  

The Hunt
  A hidden gem! One of the funniest and
entertaining Zombie movies out there.   

Little Monsters
  Surprisingly heartwarming for a
horror-comedy movie. I'd recommend
it for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  

  amazing acting beautifully shot and a
compelling story. Definitely, a movie to
put on the must-watch list.  

Knives Out
  I'm still torn about the move, I
liked a lot of it but I didn't like
certain aspects. So overall it was good.
It certainly feels like there are more
Bad Boys movies to come.   

Bad Boys For Life
  I just finished watching this movie, and
holy shit, it was one of the best things
I have ever watched. They did a
phenomenal job capturing the
hopelessness of it all, and the level of
brutality, both comic-like and
realistic, was shown beautifully.   

Justice League Dark Apokolips War
  This movie was the best justice league
animated movie I have ever seen it had
everything a fan could ever ask
for,sadness,drama,romance,action and

Justice League Dark Apokolips War
  The DC Movie! This is the best of the DC
Universe movies, including live action
franchises of DC, made so far.  

Justice League Dark Apokolips War
  I am a Bruce Willis fan and was
expecting something from this movie. How
disappointed I was, from terrible acting
to so many mistakes.  

Survive The Night
  Yes, it is still a lower budget movie,
but what they did with it, elevated it.
The acting was incredible. The
production and cinematography were very
good. It had a GREAT soundtrack that
help elevate the suspense.   

Survive The Night
  If you are a big fan and follower of
Bruce you'll be surprised HE
ACTUALLY TURNS IT ON, so if you like
tense suspenseful thrillers this is a
movie you want to see.  

Survive The Night
  I actually didn't think I would like
this movie and then surprisingly fell in
love with it. I wish it was longer. The
movie had some dramatic scenes that were
interesting and had me laughing .  

The Lovebirds
  Listen. This movie is not deep, itís not
gonna challenge your intellect and it is
not trying to make a statement, but is
that a bad thing? I say bring on some
more interracial pairings like this!!   

The Lovebirds
  The Lovebirds was a perfect mix of
romance, comedy and action!!! Issa Rae
and Kumail Nanjiani were amazing in the
movie!!! They are ADORABLE together; SO
this movie!!   

The Lovebirds
  They even brought back Bill Murray! as
he witnesses the start of the zombie
outbreak ten years earlier while
promoting a third Garfield film. Just
from that setup, you can imagine how
funny that scene is.   

Zombieland Double Tap
  This movie is a thank you to the fans of
the original. In this day and age, to
have the same cast and crew ten years
after the original movie is
astronomically low. It rarely happens
but somehow they made it happen and you
have to appreciate that.  

Zombieland Double Tap
  The movie is entertaining and funny. It
falls short compared to the original
movie, which was expected. It's been
ten years and so many zombie movies have
come out since then, and this movie
doesn't offer anything special.   

Zombieland Double Tap
  If you haven't watched Zombieland
(2009). Then there is an overwhelming
possibility you will not like this
movie. Yes, it is a movie targeted
towards fans of the original movie.  

Zombieland Double Tap
  There's a lot of laughs and the film
is entertaining. A valuable lesson
learned at the end. Very different for
your typical animated film message. It
ran deep, definitely wasn't targeted
at children.   

  There was something off about the film.
It very much felt like a big-budget
Hollywood production. Following
Disney's footsteps in the 90s. You
have big and popular names being used to
market the film.  

  The filmmakers and the crew put in a lot
of effort into this movie. Creating the
beautiful underwater shots, building
those incredible sets, those
cool-looking suits, and the creatures.
All the underwater shots were believable
and extremely well done  

  Kirstin Stewart does her best in the
movie. But a combination of unwanted
internal monologue and overexplaining
how she's feeling ruins the

  There was no room or importance given
for character development. By the time
you get to know these characters,
they're already dead or about to

  this is a good move, was fun to watch.   

  It's more focused at entertaining
today's kids. If it connects with
the long-time meddling kids that grew up
with the characters for over half a
century, then it has definitely earned
its scooby snacks.  

  This will probably be the first
Scooby-Doo movie that is going to
equally divide its audience, with each
side giving its own valid reasons. Some
viewers are going to appreciate the
modernization of the story, while others
wish it hadn't  

  Hanna-Barbera Unite! This is more of a
Hanna-Barbera movie, bringing together
some amazing characters form the company
and Simon Cowell. Fun, entertaining,
must see movie!