They even brought back Bill Murray! as
he witnesses the start of the zombie
outbreak ten years earlier while
promoting a third Garfield film. Just
from that setup, you can imagine how
funny that scene is.   
  This movie is a thank you to the fans of
the original. In this day and age, to
have the same cast and crew ten years
after the original movie is
astronomically low. It rarely happens
but somehow they made it happen and you
have to appreciate that.  
  The movie is entertaining and funny. It
falls short compared to the original
movie, which was expected. It's been
ten years and so many zombie movies have
come out since then, and this movie
doesn't offer anything special.   
  If you haven't watched Zombieland
(2009). Then there is an overwhelming
possibility you will not like this
movie. Yes, it is a movie targeted
towards fans of the original movie.